Vatican says US abortion decision concerns the entire world

The Pontifical Academy for Life stated this Friday (24) that the decision of the United States Supreme Court to annul federal jurisprudence on abortion in the country is an issue that “interpels the whole world” and that there is a need to reopen a debate on the protection of life in a society.

“The court’s decision shows how the abortion issue continues to provoke a heated debate. The fact that a great country with a long democratic tradition has changed its position on this issue also challenges the entire world,” the Pontifical Academy said in a statement.

“The protection and defense of human life it is not an issue that can be limited to the exercise of individual rights, but it is an issue of broad social significance”, he added.

After this decision, the world must “reopen a non-ideological debate on the place of the protection of life in a civil society”, in order to ask “what kind of coexistence and society” do you want to build.

“This also means ensuring adequate sex education, guaranteeing health care accessible to all, and prepare legislative measures to protect the family and motherhood, overcoming existing inequalities”, says the note.

The president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Vincenzo Paglia, explained that “ facing a western society that is losing its passion for life, this event it is a powerful invitation to reflect together on the serious and urgent question of human generativity and the conditions that make it possible.”

“In choosing life, our responsibility for the future of society is at stake. humanity. It is a time to heal wounds and repair social divisions, it is a time for reasoned reflection and civil dialogue, and for us to come together to build a society and an economy that supports marriages and families,” the statement added.

The US Supreme Court this Friday overturned federal jurisprudence that had been in effect in the United States since 1973, in a historic decision that will allow each state to decide whether to maintain or prohibit the legality of abortion.

Kentucky, Louisiana and South Dakota already banned termination of pregnancy this Friday as soon as the decision was announced, while other 23 states may do the same in short term.

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