Varisu OTT release date: When and where to watch this family drama Starring Thalapathy Vijay, Rashmika Mandanna

As a special gift to the audience celebrating Pongal on January 11, the film “Varisu,” starring Thalapathy Vijay, had its debut in theatres. The comedy that was appropriate for the whole family went on to become one of the actor’s most financially successful films. According to the sources, the movie made somewhere about Rs. 310 crores in revenue from throughout the world.

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Varisu OTT Release Date

Varisu is set to have its OTT premiere on 22 February 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

Varisu will be made available on OTT in all three of its original languages: Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. In addition to Rashmika Mandanna, the film also stars Sangeetha, Prakash Raj, Yogi Babu, Shaam, Prabhu, Meka Srikanth, and others. The song “Ranjithame” helped Rashmika Mandanna win fans over. Karthik Palani is responsible for the cinematography, and S. Thaman is the one who provided the score for the movie.

When and Where to Watch Varisu

You can watch this comedy-drama on 22 February 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

After delivering a film that was not up to his usual standards, such as Beast, Thalapathy Vijay has made a triumphant return with the flick Varisu. The movie found itself in a major competition with Ajith Kumar’s Thunivu, but as we all know, Vijay emerged victorious from the fight that was set to take place during Pongal. Now, in the most recent update regarding the worldwide box office, his most recent film to appeal to families has surpassed the 300 crore mark, and the information that follows will provide you with all the details you require.

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The movie, which was directed by Vamshi Paidipally and has a genre that is appropriate for all ages, did quite well during the Pongal holidays because of its appeal to families. After then, positive word-of-mouth helped the movie continue its success despite the presence of a formidable rival, Ajith’s Thunivu, which was also performing well at the box office. A few days ago, we shared an article in which we discussed how Vijay’s most recent film became his highest-grossing film ever. The company that provides entertainment for families may now boast an additional accomplishment.

What’s the story of Varisu

Rajendran (Sarath Kumar, who appears to have been directed to always look melancholy solely because his character has terminal sickness) is the protagonist of this movie. He is a business magnate who throws his own kids against one other to ensure that he would have the right successor. While the first and second sons, Jai (Srikanth) and Ajay (Shaam), have their eyes on the chairman’s chair and mindlessly perform out their father’s whims and fancies, the third son, Vijay (Vijay), has a difference of opinion with his ways and chooses to stay away from the family business.

Varisu OTT release date

And just when Rajendran finds out that he is running out of time, he gets to see his sons for who they really are, and he ends up making Vijay as his successor, which results in the other two going on a warpath, and worse, joining with his bitter rival Jayaprakash. And just when Rajendran finds out that he is running out of time, he gets to see his sons for who they really are, and he ends up making Vijay as his (Prakash Raj). Is it possible for Vijay to not only restore peace to his family but also demonstrate that he is deserving of the title of varisu?

Cast & Crew of Varisu

Vijay and Rashmika Mandanna star in the lead roles in the film “Varisu,” which was directed by Vamsi Paidipally and produced by Dil Raju, Pearl Potluri, Param Potluri, and Sireesh. The film also features actors such as R Sarathkumar, Prabhu, Prakash Raj, Srikanth, Khushbu, and Yogi Babu in supporting roles.

S Thaman is responsible for the film’s scoring, cinematography, and editing, and Karthik Palani and Praveen KL are the directors of photography.

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Vijay does an adequate job portraying a carefree soul, but because the movie offers him so little room for performance, he is forced to make do with the more standard punch phrases and fights in order to propel the plot forward. Although Jayasudha and Sarathkumar, who play his parents, do a nice job and Srikanth and Sham have a decent presence in the film, all of this is forgotten once Vijay takes over.

Rashmika does not play a particularly significant role in this story, and in terms of the commercial style, all she does is add to the hero’s character arc. Prakash Raj as the antagonist Jayaprakash has a heavy character and something he has done countless times in his career and presents no freshness.

‘Vijay mass moments,’ ‘four fights,’ ‘extravagant songs,”masala,”mom-son sentiment,’ and ‘Jagapathi Babu’ are some of the keywords that appear in the screenplay of the movie that was directed by Vamshi Paidipally and which gives the impression that it was written by an algorithm. Vamshi Paidipally’s film has a screenplay that gives the impression that it was written by It adheres to all of the time-honored conventions of a commercial family comedy, such as the hero ultimately resolving the issues faced by all of the members of the family while also fending off one external foe.


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