US worried about possible shortage of ammunition for Ukrainians

Canhão ucraniano camuflado nos arredores de Kiev, fotografado no fim de março de 2022.

Ukrainian cannon camouflaged on the outskirts of Kiev, photographed at the end of March 2022.| Photo: Atef Safadi/EFE/EPA

US military authorities have warned of the possibility that Ukrainian forces will run out of ammunition to resist a new and more intense Russian ground attack, according to CNN. A US official heard by the broadcaster stated that although the Americans had just sent 18 cannons of 155 millimeters and 40 1,000 pieces of artillery ammunition, this stock can run out quickly – in a single day of heaviest combat at the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainians fired thousands of artillery pieces, according to the same source.

According to CNN, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Auston and Chief of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milley, are talking daily with their counterparts in other countries. and encouraging them to send weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. Days ago, the Pentagon brought together the CEOs of the eight main arms suppliers to the US, to find ways to speed up the shipment of equipment and ammunition to the Ukrainians.

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