US wants to release 20 million tonnes of grain blocked in Ukraine

trigo alta guerra
About 20 Millions of tons of food are blocked in Ukraine due to the war with Russia. | Photo: Jonathan Campos/Arquivo/Gazeta do Povo
20220324123651The President of the United States, Joe Biden, said on Tuesday (14) which is working with European allies on a plan to withdraw, by rail, 20 million tons of grain blocked in Ukraine due to war with Russia, and thus contain the global increase in food prices.

20220324123651″I have a plan to lower gas and food prices,” Biden said during a speech at the quadrennial convention of the AFL-CIO, the largest US trade union association, in the state of Philadelphia. 20220324123651The American president stated that the plan is to transport thousands of tons of grain destined for export and that cannot be shipped through of the Black Sea because of the Russian invasion.

20220324123651 As Ukraine has a different gauge rail than European countries, Biden revealed that “temporary silos” will be built on the Polish border to store grain for export to the rest of Europe and the world.24094331

“I am working closely with our European partners to bring 20 million tons of grain blocked in Ukraine to the market and help reduce food prices,” he summarized.

20220324123651Ukraine is one of the world’s top five grain exporters and, under normal circumstances, exports 11% of your production. The lockdown poses a risk to global food security, particularly in parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Biden also blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for high gasoline prices, which in the United States reached a record $5 per gallon. He claimed to have released the largest volume of oil reserves in history and, while admitting that “it will take time”, he promised that fuel prices will fall. )

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