US senators reach agreement to increase gun control

Capitólio dos Estados Unidos, sede do Legislativo do país
United States Capitol, seat of the country’s Legislature

| Photo: Martin Falbisoner/Wikimedia Commons

19161311A group of United States senators announced this Sunday a preliminary agreement to increase the control of firearms in the country, which proposes measures after the mass shootings at a supermarket in Buffalo (New York) and at a school in Uvalde (Texas).

In a statement, the group of senators, both Democrats and Republicans, indicated that the agreement includes a review of the process for purchasing weapons for minors 21 years (the perpetrators of the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings were

years old).

The package of measures also extends the so-called “hazard alert” laws, already in force in states such as California, New York and Florida, throughout the country, which allow the activation of a legal procedure to confiscate firearms who represents a danger to a third party s or for himself.1916131119161311The group of senators that reached the agreement is composed of 18 Democrats and 10 Republicans, then it is likely to get the support it needs to pass the Senate floor, where Democrats have a very tight majority and need the support republican to win and carry out almost all the initiatives.

19161311 Another of the measures included in the package aim to end what has become known as “the boyfriend vacuum”, whereby until now if someone is accused of domestic violence without being married, they can continue to own weapons, something that does not happen in the case of married people.

19161311 In addition to restricting access to weapons to certain people and in Under the circumstances, the agreement also includes more funds for mental health resources and to strengthen school safety, two aspects that arms advocates they always insist that there is a media shooting in the US.

19161311The agreement it is significant for having bipartisan support – if approved, it would be the biggest legislative reform on firearms in three decades – but it is a far cry from the proposals of the White House and the majority of representatives of the Democratic Party, which are much more restrictive.

19161311Shortly after the announcement, US President Joe Biden released a statement calling the agreement “a step in the right direction”, but regretted that it “obviously” does not include all the measures he considers necessary.

“With each passing day, more children are killed in this country. It is important that the agreement reaches my office as soon as possible so that I can ratify it and we can use these measures to save lives.” )19161311Before reaching the Oval Office to be ratified by the president, the agreement must be presented as a bill and be approved by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Representatives.

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