US says it trusts “reliable and transparent” second round in Brazil


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O porta-voz do Departamento de Estado americano, Ned Price, disse que as instituições do Brasil “servem de exemplo” para os países do resto do continente e do mundo
US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Brazil’s institutions “set an example” for countries from the rest of the continent and the world| Photo: Freddie Everett/Disclosure

The United States government said this Friday (17) that trusts that the second round of the Brazilian presidential elections next Sunday (17) will be reliable and transparent.

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price , said in a telephone press conference that the October 2 first round “was carried out with reliability and transparency”, and assured that the US and the rest of the world “have every confidence that the second round will be conducted in the same way”. .

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva received the most votes in the first round, with 48, 4% of the votes, against 40, 2% from Bolsonaro, who obtained a It was better than many surveys predicted.

“We support the right of the Brazilian people to elect their next leader and trust in the authorities’ ability to conduct the second round with the same professionalism, peacefully and with civic duty,” Price said.

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