US Presenters Buy 'White Lives Matter' Slogan To Stop Kanye West's Commercial Use


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Os apresentadores do Civic Cipher, Ramses Ja e Quinton Ward.
Civic Cipher presenters Ramses Ja and Quinton Ward. )| Photo: Reproduction / TwitterAmerican presenters Ramses Ja and Quinton Ward purchased the commercial rights to the phrase “White Lives Matter” (“White lives matter”), which refers to the Black Lives Matter movement, as announced by the American media Capital B News. The buyers declared that they made the investment so that the phrase stamped on the rapper Kanye West’s t-shirt is not replicated and sold.

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens (left) and rapper Kanye West (right) wear “White Lives Matter” T-shirts at a fashion show in Paris. Reproduction: Twitter
The rapper has arrived to a fashion show in Paris early last month wearing a T-shirt that said “White Lives Matter” on the back and featured the face of Pope John Paul II on the front. The singer then stated that he intended to sell shirts like the one he was wearing.

Black Lives Matter, a political movement that would have inspired West’s critical phrase, gained visibility since the demonstrations in support of George Floyd, in 2020, which had repercussions around the world. The group says it intends to “end systemic racism”, but is involved in corruption allegations.

The two black hosts of the racial justice podcast

Civic Cipher Os apresentadores do Civic Cipher, Ramses Ja e Quinton Ward. said that the decision was difficult, but decided to buy the rights to the phrase “once it became clear that someone could profit a lot from it”.

Recently, Kanye West also had the Twitter blocked after posting a comment deemed anti-Semitic. Then, last month, he announced the purchase of the social network Parler.


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