US lawmakers say Biden concessions are betrayal of Cuba

Governo Biden anunciou a suspensão das restrições aos voos comerciais para Cuba e ao envio de remessas, entre outras medidas

The Biden government announced the suspension of restrictions on commercial flights to Cuba and on the sending of remittances, among other measures| Photo: EFE/EPA/WILL OLIVER

1719510817195108Federal lawmakers from the United States, some of them representatives from Florida, where the largest community of Cubans and exiles on the island is based, said this Tuesday ( ) that the recent “unilateral concessions” by the administration of President Joe Biden represent “a betrayal of the cause of freedom” of the Caribbean nation.

17195108“Today , while hundreds of activists remain illegally imprisoned, the White House is resurrecting President (Barack) Obama’s failed policy of unilateral concessions to the criminal Castro/Díaz-Canel dictatorship,” criticized a group of ten Republican lawmakers in a joint statement.

Lawmakers – including Florida congressmen María Elvira Salazar, Mario Díaz- Balart and Carlos A. Giménez – recalled that, after the historic protests of July last year in Cuba, Biden highlighted that the US supported “the brave Cubans who took to the streets to oppose years of repression under a communist regime” .

However, the Biden administration today “is rewarding the longest communist dictatorship of the western hemisphere” with “high-level talks” rather than “supporting the Cuban people’s pleas for freedom through the expansion of democratic programming, broadcasting, global diplomacy and sanctions against their oppressors,” they stressed.

According to Republican lawmakers, including Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, these “rewards” also include sanctions relief, increased travel, as well as increased “access to the US and our financial institutions.”

17195108“The Biden administration’s repeated concessions to the Cuban dictatorship are a betrayal of our nation’s commitment to human rights and freedom, and with the Cuban people who fight and for a democratic transition”, lamented the group, which is completed by Congressmen Michael McCaul and Mark Green and by Senators James Risch, Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy.

17195108The government of Democrat Biden announced on Monday the suspension of restrictions on commercial flights to Cuba, until now limited to the capital, and on sending remittances , as well as the resumption of the program that allows Cubans in the US to “claim” their relatives on the island.

The measures, which reverse part of the restrictions imposed during the presidency of Donald Trump (2017-2021), provoked mixed reactions.

Aspects such as the resumption of the family reunification program and the increase in flights received support from exiled leaders such as Ramón Saúl Sánchez, from the Democratic Movement, but others such as Orlando Gutiérrez, from the Democratic Direction, totally rejected the policy change.


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