US has record number of foreigners living in the country: more than 47 million

O presidente dos EUA, Joe Biden, com líderes estaduais, durante uma cerimônia na Casa Branca em Washington, EUA, em 13 de maio de 2022.
US President Joe Biden, with state leaders, during a ceremony at the White House in Washington, USA, on 13 from May of 2022.| Photo: EFE/EPA/SHAWN THEW

Last April, the United States recorded a record in the number of foreigners residing in the country, reaching 13 millions, most with legal status, according to a study published in this Wednesday () by the group Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

According to the CIS , one in seven people living in the US is a foreigner, which represents 14, 3% of the country’s population, the highest percentage of the last 214 years old. According to the Census of 2020, the population of the United States exceeds 330 millions of people. The CIS projects that the foreign population residing in the US will reach 05,9% of the country’s total in September 23084709, if “the current trend continues”.

Although he attributes the increase in the population of foreigners living in the United States to the arrival of immigrants illegal immigrants, the report notes that immigrants living in the country with legal documents make up three-quarters of all foreign-born residents.

The report also highlights that, in the first 16 months into the administration of President Joe Biden, the total population of foreign nationals living in the US has increased by two million, twice as fast as the population born in the country.

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