US government to investigate police response to Texas school shooting

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) Attack occurred in the city of Uvalde, about 64 kilometers from San Antonio| Photo: Reproduction/ABC News

The United States Department of Justice announced this Sunday that it will investigate the police response to the shooting at Uvalde’s school, in Texas, in which 15 children and two teachers died last Tuesday.

In a statement, Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley announced the investigation, the results of which will be released to the public and which is being opened at the request of Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin after police actions were harshly questioned for their apparent slowness.

According to the US government, the purpose of the investigation is to obtain an independent version of the response of the security forces and of each of their actions on Tuesday, 12 of May, when the massacre.

In addition, the expectation is that the conclusions reached can be used to identify problems and update action protocols for future incidents.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw acknowledged Friday said at a press conference that the fact that the police did not break down the door of the classroom where the shooter was staying was a “wrong decision”, and blamed the highest-ranking police officer who was at the school at the time of the attack. .

Various means of and communication pointed out on Saturday that the official in question is Pedro “Pete” Arredondo, chief of police of the Uvalde School District, who has not attended the press conferences for several days.

According to McCraw, after listening to several shots in the classroom and considering that the bullets were already directed only towards the door when the agents tried to enter, Arredondo interpreted that there was no one else alive, except for the shooter.

For that reason, they chose to wait, until finally a team from the Texas Border Patrol entered the classroom behind a shield and the shooter, Salvador Ramos, came out of a classroom closet and started shooting. against them, only to be shot dead shortly afterwards.

On the classroom floor, the agents found the children, many of them already dead, but some still alive, among them Miah Cerrillo, from years, who smeared another student’s blood on her body to appear dead.

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