US endorses Polish version that missile left Ukraine, but blames Russia for incident

The United States endorsed this Wednesday (16) Poland’s version of the Ukrainian origin of the missile that killed two people on Polish soil, although they stressed that the responsibility for this event lies with Russia.

“We are still gathering information, but we have not seen anything that contradicts the president’s preliminary assessmentI doubt that the explosion was probably caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed on Polish soil,” said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at a press conference.

Austin said having spoken the previous evening with Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and conveyed his “deep condolences to the Polish people and the loved ones of those killed”.

“Whatever the final conclusions may be, the world knows that Russia bears responsibility for this incident,” he added.

Austin’s comments were made after the group’s seventh meeting of contact on Ukraine, which was held virtually.

Minutes earlier, Adrienne Watson, spokeswoman for the US National Security Council, highlighted in a statement that the US has “full confidence” in the investigation being carried out by the Polish government into the explosion that took place on its border with Ukraine and praised the professionalism of those involved.

The spokeswoman added that information continues to be collected and the United States will continue to share it transparently if it has new data.

“We will also continue to be in contact with the Ukrainians to collect any information they have about what happened”, stressed the spokeswoman.

In any case, she stressed that it is clear that “ultimately responsible for this tragic incident lies with Russia”, for having launched a “rain” of missiles over Ukraine with the specific intention of attacking the civilian population and the country’s infrastructure.

“Ukraine had and has every right to defend itself”, reiterated the statement, in which the United States expressed its condolences for the victims of these attacks and also for the two Poles killed in the explosion on the border.

Polish President Andrzej Duda asked citizens for peace of mind this Wednesday, hours after stating that the missile that hit iu Poland could have been launched by Ukraine and after ruling out the possibility of invoking NATO, at least for now.

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