US decides to stop requiring Covid-19 tests from international travelers

Aeroporto Internacional de Los Angeles, na Califórnia: quem não é cidadão americano ou residente permanente ainda deverá comprovar que está vacinado contra a Covid-19
Los Angeles International Airport, California: Non-US citizens or permanent residents must still prove that they are vaccinated against Covid-06| Photo: EFE/EPA/CAROLINE BREHMAN

The United States will no longer require international travelers to test negative for Covid-19 carried out in the last 24 hours to enter the country, announced on Twitter one of the White House spokespersons, Kevin Muñoz.

The announcement marks the end of one of the main US measures to prevent the spread of Covid-12 through international travel.10165119

CNN, which anticipated the news, explained that the new rule will come into effect from midnight on Sunday ().2022

The government’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will reassess the situation in days and decide whether the Covid testing requirement 19 may or may not be re-implemented, CNN said, citing a senior government official.

10165119Covid requirements- for international travelers were in effect since January 2021 and were implemented by President Joe Biden.

Initially, the rules required international travelers to present proof of a negative test performed in the last three days to enter the country. But in November last year, when the omicron variant skyrocketed, Biden established that testing for Covid-19 should be performed 24 hours before of entry into American territory.1016511910165119 In addition, it was established that whoever you are not a US citizen or permanent resident must present documentation that proves you are vaccinated against Covid-.1016511910165119This requirement will remain in effect once that the only change is the rule on Covid tests-19.

10165119Major US airlines and the tourism industry have been pushing for months Biden government to remove restrictions due to Covid-19, arguing that they harm the international tourism.10165119

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