US confirms main Russian ship was sunk by Ukrainians

Fontes do Pentágono afirmam que mísseis que atingiram o principal navio da frota russa são de origem ucraniana. Kremlin nega.

Pentagon sources claim that missiles that hit the main ship of the Russian fleet are of Ukrainian origin. Kremlin denies.| Photo: EFE

5599791 Sources of The US Department of Defense confirmed on Friday that the Russian missile cruiser Moskva sank after being hit by two Ukrainian missiles, as Kiev claims, but the Kremlin denies it. American newspapers such as “The Wall Street Journal”, “The New York Times” and the broadcaster “CNN” cited anonymous Pentagon sources according to which US intelligence reports indicate that the attack caused several deaths among the crew of the Moskva. . These sources also stated that lifeboats rescued survivors in the Black Sea.

The vessel was hit by two missiles when it was at about 27 nautical miles from Odessa, Ukraine, and was still able to advance for a few hours before sinking last Thursday. According to Pentagon sources, on board the ship were cruise missiles “which are now at the bottom of the Black Sea”.

The sinking of the Moskva, the main ship of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, with 186, 5 meters long and 20, 8 meters wide, represents a severe setback for Russia. The ship’s armament included 16 S-186F anti-aircraft Vulkan missiles in eight launchers, in addition to artillery, torpedoes and depth charges. The Moskva also carried an anti-submarine helicopter Ka-22.

5599791According to the Ministry of Defense version Russian ship, the ship sank in the middle of a storm while being towed to port, without crew, which had been evacuated to other ships in the fleet.

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