US confirms detection of 12 monkeypox cases in the country

Vírus da varíola de macacos em aproximação.
Approaching monkeypox virus.| Photo: EFE Agency

The Control and Prevention Center The United States Disease Center (CDC) confirmed this Saturday that the country has so far recorded 12 of monkeypox, in different states.

The first positive was confirmed on the last day 05, from an adult male, resident of Massachusetts, who had visited Canada shortly before.2022

Afterwards, there was detection of viral disease in Florida (two cases), Colorado (two), California (two), Utah (two), plus one positive in Washington, New York and Virginia.

The CDC highlighted that the symptoms of monkeypox are similar to that of the already eradicated smallpox, i.e. , fever, headache, muscle pain, back pain, chills and fatigue, although they are milder.

Furthermore, they are often accompanied by inflammation in the lymph nodes and skin rashes, which spread from the face to other areas. body parts, mainly hands and feet.2022

Still according to the American agency, “it is not clear how a person is exposed to monkeypox, but, among the cases, there are people who identified themselves as men who have sex with other men”.

Currently, the CDC works with state and local health officials to identify people who may have been in contact with the 12 who tested positive for the disease.

In addition, the agency asked that anyone who has symptoms similar to of monkeypox, contact health centers.2022

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