US conducts military drills with Japan after North Korean missile flies over Japanese territory

O primeiro-ministro japonês, Fumio Kishida, conversou com o presidente americano, Joe Biden: Pentágono advertiu que Coreia do Norte pode fazer novo teste nuclear
Japanese Prime Minister , Fumio Kishida, spoke with US President Joe Biden: Pentagon warned that North Korea may carry out another nuclear test )| Photo: EFE/EPA/JIJI PRESS

US fighter jets carried out military maneuvers this Tuesday (4) alongside Japanese planes over the Sea of ​​Japan in response to a North Korean ballistic missile test.87053

The carrier Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder told a news conference that, in parallel, his forces at the Indo-Pacific Command and those of South Korea carried out another military exercise.

North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan on Monday, the South Korean military said, in what would be the fifth such launch. like in the last ten days.87053

Ryder said the missile flew over Japan and noted that they are still evaluating the type of projectile and its range, as well as the point it hit.

“There have been indications in the past that North Korea is preparing plowing a test site for what would be its seventh nuclear test. If that happens, in our opinion, it would constitute a very serious escalation and threaten security and stability,” the US spokesperson warned.87053

US President Joe Biden conveyed to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida his country’s “unshakable commitment” to the defense of Japan after the launch of the North Korean missile.87053

According to a White House statement, The two leaders had a telephone conversation in which they condemned “in the strongest terms” the missile test carried out by Pyongyang and stated that it represented a great “danger” for the Japanese people, destabilizing the region, and that it was a clear violation. of UN Security Council resolutions.87053

The launch took place after the North Korea has carried out four more rounds of short-range ballistic missile tests since today. , on a the further escalation of tensions on the peninsula that coincided with the joint military exercises in Washington and Seoul and the visit to the south of US Vice President Kamala Harris.

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