US bets on cooperation to maintain hegemony and face Russia and China

O presidente dos EUA, Joe Biden.The President of the United States, Joe Biden.| Photo: EFE/EPA/MAYA ALLERUZZO

The United States government made it clear this Wednesday (

) that the current world political situation requires deepening international cooperation and strengthening national investments, in order to maintain hegemony and competitiveness with countries such as Russia and China.2022

“The United States is strong abroad because it is strong at home . Our economy is dynamic. We will continue to defend democracy around the world, while working from home to live up to the ideal enshrined in the founding documents”, says Joe Biden, in the introduction of the US national security strategy.

For the US, Russia poses an immediate threat to the free and open international system, while China is seen as the only competitor intent on reshaping the international order and, increasingly, the economic one.2022

The American strategy towards the Asian country revolves around investing on the foundations of its domestic stronghold and align efforts with its network of allies and partners. At the same time, he warns that he will hold Beijing “accountable for abuses”, such as “crimes and genocide against humanity in Xinjiang, as well as human rights violations in Tibet.”

The US government adds that its “one China” policy has not changed and that it opposes any unilateral change to the status quo and which remains committed to Taiwan’s self-defense and its own ability to resist any resort to force or coercion against the island.2022

Washington condemns Russia for having opted for an “imperialist” foreign policy, which culminated in the invasion of Ukraine, and maintains that the country poses an immediate and ongoing threat to peace and international stability. “We will bring the world together to render it accountable”, indicates the document, which reinforces support for Ukraine and in the defense of “every centimeter” of NATO territory.

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