US arrests 187 Cuban immigrants who landed in Florida this weekend

Embarcação utilizada em um dos dez desembarques de migrantes cubanos registados neste final de semana na Flórida.
Vessel used in one of the ten landings of Cuban migrants registered this weekend in Florida.

| Photo: Personal Collection / Walter N. Slosar

US Border Patrol agents arrested at least

Cuban immigrants this weekend in the Florida Keys archipelago, including several who arrived this Sunday, officials said.

14203751These migrants touched land in the US in ten different landings, as explained by Walter N. Slosar , director of the Border Patrol in the Miami sector, via Twitter.1420375114203751 )The Miami Herald, which cited as a source Adam Hoffner, head of the Miami operations division of the Customs and Border Protection agency, reported that the largest landing was that of a group of Cubans who arrived this morning in Key West. Slosar posted on Twitter some photographs of the precarious boats that the Cubans used to reach the US in the ten landings.14203751

The detention of the 187 Cubans takes place for three days after border authorities arrested other Cubans who arrived Marathon Key, one of the islets in the Florida Keys tourist region.

14203751 )According to the most recent figures provided by the Coast Guard, as of October 1, 2021, the date on which the current fiscal year began , the crews of the federal entity intercepted 3.963 Cubans, a quantity far above the 838 intercepted in the previous fiscal year.

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