US announces another $1 billion for Ukraine's defense

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, informed this Wednesday (15) to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, the sending of US$ 1 billion (R$ 5, 11 billion) in additional military aid, for the response to the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

The announcement was made by the US head of government, in a statement issued by the White House about a phone call between the two leaders.

The official statement indicates that the assistance will include artillery, coastal defense systems and rockets to support the Ukrainians in their defensive operations in the Donbas region in the east. of the former Soviet republic.

In a statement, the Pentagon gave details about the aid package, which contains eight 155 millimeter Howitzer cannons, ammunition and 18 vehicles to transport them, as well as projectiles for HIMARS, a long-range missile system.

In addition, the amount of US$ 1 billion includes funds for the training of the Ukrainians in the use of eq US equipment and money for maintenance, transportation and administrative cost coverage.

Biden and Zelensky also discussed the efforts of US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who is in Brussels this Wednesday, in Belgium, to coordinate additional international support for Ukraine’s forces.

In addition to military aid, the US president announced that the US will allocate another US$ 225 million (R$ 1,15 billion) in humanitarian assistance, to guarantee clean water, medical items, food, shelter and money for the Ukrainians affected by the war.

Biden said that , in the phone call with Zelensky, reaffirmed the commitment that “the United States will remain with Ukraine” in the defense of its democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity, “against an unjustified Russian aggression”.

Austin participates in Brussels of the third meeting of the contact group in support of Ukraine, where he appealed to the international community reinforce the commitment to the defense of the former Soviet republic and continue sending weapons to Kyiv.

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