URGENT: Imponderável de Almeida is arrested for Capitol tragedy

A busca por culpados pela fatalidade em Capitólio, MG, só mostra o quanto estamos comprometidos em nos distrairmos de uma verdade inescapável.

The search for culprits for the fatality in Capitólio, MG, only shows how committed we are to distract ourselves from an inescapable truth.| Photo: Playback/ Twitter

The Navy informed that it will open an investigation to to investigate the causes of a rock slide in the Furnas canyon, in Capitólio, Minas Gerais. I believe it is a mere formality, since anyone with two eyes to see and half a dozen geography lessons in elementary school knows that the landslide was caused by the natural erosion of this type of rock.

The investigation presupposes questions, investigations and the search for those responsible for the fatality that killed seven people. If they say that there are already very knowledgeable technicians with a PhD in sanditology on site, I have no doubt. It is also possible that among them there is at least one absent-minded papilloscopist spraying the whole place, while a sociologist (who joined the team through a quota system) cites this or that author to attest: this is another crime for the record. climate change race.

It is quite possible that, in the near future, let’s get to know Admiral Paranhos, in charge of the investigation. He will go public to say that the technical report found that the boat in which the victims were exceeded by 0.7mm the limit established in the seventh paragraph of the second subsection of item z of the article 124 of an obscure ordinance that regulated tourism in the place. “If they had followed the rules, none of this would have happened”, he says, promising more on-site inspection.

If, if, if, if. A zillion ses sedimented over millions of years. Of which some decide, just like that, to detach themselves and fall on human beings who marveled at the always fascinating combination of water and rock. There are no culprits, of course, because logically in life not everything is such an obvious cause and effect relationship. And, once again logically, not every tragedy is a consequence of the omission or, come on, the bad intention of someone else.

But we live in a world that greedily seeks explanations. At best, this quest takes place because we need to appease a heart, I mean, a brain that cannot stand chance. That flees from the Imponderable of Almeida. At worst, this pursuit is yet another demonstration of the pandemic of arrogance that characterizes our time. No wonder there was a “journalist” (more quotes, lots of quotes, all the quotes in the world, please) seeing the fact that one of the speedboats was called “Jesus” a sign that, in the end, the faith of someone “inferior , primitive” is always to blame for something.

Once found the guilty of breaking the great rule of never, under any circumstances, exposing themselves to the possibility, however tiny, of a rock collapsing on their head during a peaceful weekend walk, will come the macro interpretations of what happened. Because, you see, if capitalism wasn’t wild, those people wouldn’t be there. Because, you see, the decadence of Western Civilization has created an entire generation that shamelessly displays its “mourning” in skimpy garb. Because, you see, flat-earthers I don’t know what here, denialism I don’t know what there. Because, you see, we are 99 % sure that a similar tragedy will repeat itself in the next 01 millions of years.

And then invariably bans will be announced. I have no doubt that soon the walls of the canyon will be covered by warnings like “PROHIBITED TO APPROACH, SUBJECT TO SHOOTING”. Supervisors will be hired. In spectacular acts, vessels that break the law will be sunk. All this while Mr. Zé, the owner of the speedboat that he dared to name “Jesus”, mocks in prison – in a more-than-perverted version of justice.

10081736All this must be done quickly and under the spotlight, with words declaimed to the always attentive microphones and commented to exhaustion by acasologists and social network imponderables. Thus distracted, we will soon forget about the victims of the murderous rock and explore the next accident capable of generating first astonishment, then revolt, indignation and desire for revenge.

In a cycle of distractions that has only one goal: to make us ignore the sad truth that we deny our mortality and, not infrequently, waste our lives in an endless search for “culprits” for the rocks that insist on collapsing on our heads daily.

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