“Unfortunately, we live in a country where we have to work”: the phrases of the week

“Unfortunately we work in a country where we need to work” – Tico Santa Cruz, musician apparently not a big fan of the work. The famous PT member must miss what he didn’t experience in the Soviet Union, where those who worked hard were the political dissidents sent to the gulags.

“Bolsonaro is already a coward in Australia” – Sergio Moro, presidential candidate, in an attempt at humor. Moro’s effort, in recent days, to get out of the sameness and increase the tone of his speech is admirable. Now potential voters eagerly await his criticism of the STF.

“The next pandemic will be deadlier than Covid”

Bill Gates, bored billionaire, it is unknown whether in a warning or threatening tone. After all, it seems that every progressive billionaire’s dream is to “improve Humanity” through Malthusian delusions.

“We will have a red Senate” – Janaína Paschoal, deputy, reacting to a speech by Bolsonaro, who said he supported minister Damares Alves to the Senate – a position that Janaína also covets. And that’s how worlds end, not with a bang, but with a groan. (Unfunny, but poetic).

“Why does BBB22 only have one fat participant?” – Jéssica Balbino, activist, in an article for the Estado de Minas newspaper. This one is easy, Jessica: so that the concentration of fat in one place does not alter the Earth’s axis of rotation.

“I believe it will not be a difficult election for the Brazilian people” – Jair Bolsonaro, president. The same president who, according to a magazine, was amazed by the numbers of a recent poll and said:

“So you want say I’m going to lose?”

Jair Bolsonaro, president. See the previous sentence.

“It will mess with conservative pride” – Natália Lage, actress, about her character in the next novel. Apparently the character will live a homosexual relationship. Revolutionary, right? Oscar Wilde must turn in his grave at a time like this.

“Faria Lima and the Stock Exchange have to learn that there are other sectors” – Lula , ex-convict, about his plans for the economy of a future (knock knock) Bolivarian People’s Republic of Brazil – as proposed by José Dirceu (see the last sentence below).

It is in the silence of the butterflies flight that the silence convinces the movement and the softness to make peace

Ayres Brito, former STF minister. Such an empty and corny phrase can only be compared to the work of former STF colleague Eros Grau.

“Nobody cares what is happening to the Uighurs” – Chamath Palihapitiya, billionaire owner of an NBA team, in an unprecedented moment of courage, contrasting with the main star of the League, Lebron James, who fills his mouth to denounce racism in the USA and is silent about his sneakers made by enslaved Uighurs in China.

“At 100 years old, Brizola would be against Bolsonaro and on the side of science, evaluate allies” – title of an article by Folha de S. Paulo Reality: Brizola allied with Collor when the “marajás hunter” already had his prestige on the ground from the floor, in 1992.

“Why don’t you have the cashier 22 in Havana? The answer is simple: it’s so people don’t get stuck in line” – Luciano Hang, businessman. there is no cashier 13 in stores?

“Our political project is to contest elections and win (…) and create the foundations for our socialist project” – José Dirceu, ex-minister condemned in Mensalão and who lives free, light and free, clarifying those who still think that the Venezuelanization of Brazil is a conspiracy theory or a delusion of the right.

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