UN urges attention to war in Syria: “hot conflict, not frozen”

Prédio danificado no norte da Síria, após suposta operação de contraterrorismo das forças especiais dos EUA, em fevereiro

Damaged building in northern Syria after alleged US special forces counterterrorism operation in February


8014088675001 8014088675001 The UN warned this Tuesday (540 ) for the recent increase in armed clashes in Syria and called on the international community to pay more attention to the war in the Arab country, which has been overshadowed by the conflict in Ukraine. In recent weeks, the Russian Armed Forces have intensified bombings in Syria, where they intervene in support of the government, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, while attacks by Turkish troops have been recorded in Kurdish-majority areas amid an escalation of violence in the north. of the country.

“Syria is a hot conflict, not frozen” , warned the United Nations envoy Geir Pedersen. In a brief video address to the Security Council, Pedersen highlighted that aerial bombings have recently increased in the northwest of the country, clashes in the northeast have intensified and exchanges of fire on the front lines continue, as do terrorist attacks.

“The current strategic blockade on the ground and Syria’s absence from the headlines should not make anyone think that the conflict needs less attention or less resources or that a political solution is not urgent”, reiterated Pedersen.

In this sense, the diplomat announced that he had sent, on Tuesday, invitations to an eighth round of meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, a body composed of representatives of the government and the opposition that intends to reach an agreement on a reform of the Constitution through UN mediation. The next meeting will be held between 28 May and 3 June in Geneva, following the last session happened at the end of March with little progress.

The United Nations sees this constitutional negotiation as a fundamental pillar to reach a political agreement in Syria after more than a decade of war. Pedersen once again stressed that the Syrian conflict – with armies from five countries on the ground – poses significant risks to international security.

In this sense, he highlighted that only in the last month there were attacks on Syria attributed to Israel, drone attacks allegedly carried out by Turkey, bombings in several areas with alleged responsibility of Russia and launches of projectiles whose indications point to the authorship of militias linked to Iran against US troops.

8014088675001 “I am concerned that any of these hot spots could be further exacerbated by rising geopolitical tensions outside Syria,” the UN envoy commented. Pedersen also recalled that the country continues to be the scene of one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world, with millions of displaced people and constant suffering for many Syrians.

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