UN approves probe into government's violent response to Iran protests



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Manifestantes em Genebra cobraram abertura de investigação pelos abusos cometidos pelo regime iraniano contra as manifestações pela morte de jovem por “uso inadequado” do véu islâmico

20222022Protesters in Geneva demanded the opening of an investigation into the abuses committed by the Iranian regime against the demonstrations for the death of a young woman for “inappropriate use” of the headscarf Islamic| Photo: EFE/EPA/MARTIAL TREZZINI

The United Nations Human Rights Council decided this Thursday (24) create a mission to investigate the Iranian government’s repression of the protests that began two months ago.

The country has been experiencing a wave of demonstrations since Mahsa’s death Amini, a young girl from year of the Kurdish city of Saqez who died in 17 September in Tehran after being arrested and beaten by police for “inappropriate use” of the hijab, the Islamic headscarf. The motion for the crackdown to be investigated was passed with 25 votes in favour, six against and 13 Abstentions in special session in Geneva.

UN human rights chief Volker Türk had called for an independent investigation into violence against demonstrators in Iran, claiming that the “use unnecessary and disproportionate use of force” should end in the country.

According to the NGO Iran Human Rights, based in Norway, at least 380 people including

children and 27 women, had been killed by Iranian security forces in protests held across the country until the beginning of this week.

Another front in the repression of protests has been the lawsuits against protesters, targets of several judicial convictions, six of them with the death penalty.

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