Ukrainian Orthodox Church breaks with Moscow Patriarchate for supporting war

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UPTS) announced this Friday (27) its break with the Patriarchate of Moscow due to its open support for the Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine – such as the Kremlin and its supporters call for the invasion of the former Soviet republic.

“We express our disagreement with the position of the Patriarch of Moscow, Cyril, on the war in Ukraine”, reads the statement published on the website of the UPTS.

For this reason, the UPTS Council took the decision to declare “the full autonomy and independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”.

“The council appeals to the Ukrainian and Russian authorities to continue the negotiation process and the search for a strong and sensible word that can stop the bloodshed”, he adds.

Cirilo, who maintains a close relationship with the Kremlin , called on Russians in his homilies to rally with the Kremlin and the Russian army in their holy war against the “Antichrist”, i.e. the Ukrainian government and its supporters. s.

Many of the Ukrainian dioceses that still depend on the Patriarchate of Moscow failed to mention Cyril in their sermons in a clear sign of disgust.

The Russian patriarch was who promoted the idea of ​​the “Russian World”, that is, wherever Russian is spoken and the faith is Orthodox, regardless of internationally recognized borders, is the area of ​​influence of Moscow, whose messianic mission is to defend Russians and their traditional values. .

UPTS also reached out to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTSU), created in 2018 by Kyiv, after receiving support from the Patriarchate of Constantinople, an enemy of Moscow , calling for dialogue to restore the unity of the Ukrainian Orthodox, renouncing the forced transfer of parishes to the PTSU.

In this way, the Patriarchate of Moscow loses one of its main territories, Ukraine, where the majority of the faithful are Orthodox, although there are also several million Catholics belonging to the Uniat Church a.

The close dependence of the Russian Orthodox Church on the dictates of the Kremlin gradually alienated the Ukrainian Orthodox from the Moscow Patriarchate.

“The patriarch personally took the decision to be one of the ideologues of the political system created by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It became one of its main allies to the point of justifying the war in Ukraine”, theologian Sergei Chapnin, who worked for 15 years for the Patriarchate of Moscow, recently told EFE.

The European Union is considering imposing sanctions on Cyril. According to a document from the European External Action Service to which Politico had access this month, the justification would be that the patriarch has been “one of the most prominent supporters of Russian military aggression against Ukraine”. This measure would need to be approved by member states.

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