Ukrainian loses wife and three-month-old daughter: “My world was destroyed by a missile”

Valéria e Yuriy eram casados há nove anos e há três meses tiveram sua primeira filha, Kira; mãe e filha morreram após ataque de míssil russo em Odessa

Valéria and Yuriy have been married for nine years and three months ago they had their first child, Kira; mother and daughter died after Russian missile attack in Odessa| Photo: Family Archive

Two months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, news of bombings has become so common that it no longer seems to stir up as much commotion as it did in the last week of February. However, each of the thousands of civilians killed in the conflict (the UN officially mentions 2,200, but estimates a much higher number, given the impossibility of accessing combat areas) has a face and a history, like that of the Ukrainian Yuriy Glodan, who lost his wife, mother-in-law and only three-month-old daughter on Saturday (23). The building where they lived, in Odessa, was hit by a Russian missile.

On Sunday (24), the BBC report found Yuriy digging through the rubble, in the attempt to save mementos such as photo albums, handwritten notes and a collection of his wife’s sugar sachets. “If I leave things in the apartment, they will become garbage and people will throw them away,” he told the BBC. “I want to keep them for my memories.”

He said that he had gone shopping at the time of the attack and, upon returning, found the building on fire. As soon as he entered the family’s apartment, he came across the bodies of his wife and mother-in-law. The body of the baby, Kira, was not found until later, and Yuriy saw her on Sunday when he returned to the scene. “My whole world was destroyed yesterday by a Russian missile,” said the Ukrainian.

He told the BBC that he had been married for nine years to Valeria, who was a PR person and loved the city of Odessa. “She was a great mother, friend, with all the best qualities. It will be impossible for me to find another person like Valeria. She was perfect. This person can only be given to you once in a lifetime and is a gift from God”, he said.

At the end of January, the couple had the joy of witnessing the birth of their first child, Kira. When the little girl was one month old, Valéria posted on Instagram where she said she was experiencing “a new level of happiness.” “We were so happy when she was born. I was in the maternity ward when she gave birth. It is very difficult for me to realize now that my daughter and wife are no longer here”, lamented the father, showing photos on his cell phone the photos that his wife sent of the baby.

In addition to Yuriy’s family, five other people died in the attack. When speaking with the report, he expressed the wish that the whole world becomes aware of his story. “What is happening is a pain for my family, for our city, for Ukraine, it is a pain for all civilization. I hope that our history will help stop this war,” he pleaded. Among the few items he managed to salvage from the apartment was a package of disposable diapers, which Yuriy asked to be sent to charity. “I don’t need them right now.”


The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, expressed indignation upon learning of the death of little Kira. “How did she threaten Russia? It seems that killing children is just a new national idea of ​​the Russian Federation,” he said, during his evening speech to Ukrainian citizens.

The country’s leader has consistently denounced Russian attacks on civilians. On Saturday, he made an Instagram post with photos of Mariupol before the war, highlighting the beauty of the city. more Mariupol. And there is also no more Viktor Dedov, who took these photos”, lamented, referring to the author of the images, another victim of the war.

Local authorities estimate that, only in Mariupol, 20 a thousand civilians have lost their lives, victims of war.

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