Ukrainian intelligence says Mariupol will host Russian celebrations on May 9

Mulher ferida caminha depois de chegar a um ônibus que evacuou civis da siderúrgica Azovstal, na cidade de Mariupol, na terça-feira

Wounded woman walks after reaching a bus that evacuated civilians from the steel mill Azovstal, in the city of Mariupol, on Tuesday| Photo: EFE/EPA/ROMAN PILIPEY

Ukrainian intelligence services believe that the Russians are preparing to celebrate the May 9 holiday, in which they commemorate the victory over the Nazis in World War II, in the devastated city of Mariupol, in southern Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda, the country’s Ministry of Defense states that ” Sergey Kirienko, Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration”, recently “appointed by the Kremlin to be responsible for matters related to ORDLO (the Russian-controlled Temporarily Occupied Territories of Donetsk and Lugansk Region)” is in Mariupol.

The main task of this official of Vladimir Putin would be to prepare the “ceremonial celebrations” , which would include a military parade, in the devastated Ukrainian city, after abandoning the idea of ​​doing it s in the occupied city of Donetsk.

Mariupol would pass, in this way , to be the site of “celebrations and, for that, the rubble, the bodies of the murdered civilians and the unexploded Russian explosive devices are being removed from the central streets of the city”, denounced Ukraine.

Furthermore, still according to Ukrainian intelligence, “Russian propaganda media is preparing to broadcast stories on Russian television about the ‘joy’ with which local residents welcomed the occupation troops”. To this end, Vladimir Solovyov, a Kremlin propaganda officer, and the head of the Donetsk occupation administration, Denis Pushylin, are said to have also visited Mariupol.

The Kremlin denied this Wednesday (4) that Russia will decree a general mobilization on the 9th of May. “No, it’s absurd,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at his daily press conference.

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