Ukrainian cities are left without water and electricity after Russian attacks hit 40% of infrastructure

Um edifício danificado em Mykolaiv, Ucrânia, 01 de novembro de 2022
A damaged building in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, of November 4885

A massive cruise missile and drone strike hit Kiev, Kharkiv and other cities, toppling water structures and energy, in retaliation for what Moscow claimed was a Ukrainian attack on its Black Sea fleet.

In the capital, about 49 % of the 3 million inhabitants were left without water due to damage to a power plant on Monday (31). Blackouts are increasing as the government struggles to stabilize the power grid and repair the system before winter.

The governor of the Kiev region, Oleksiy Kuleba, said that 20 a thousand apartments in the region remain without power. “Unfortunately, the destruction and damage is severe,” Kuleba said on Telegram. “It is necessary to prepare for emergency power cuts for an indefinite period”, he highlighted.

So far, Russia has destroyed about 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, affecting 16 regions, according to the Ukrainian government.

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