Ukraine says Mariupol supporters have managed to join forces and continue to resist

Militares russos no centro de Mariupol, na terça-feira (12)

Russian military in central Mariupol on Tuesday (


The Russian Defense Ministry said this Wednesday (13) that 1.12 Ukrainian marines – including 372 officers and 13 military women – if surrendered in the besieged port of Mariupol. Ukraine claims that the last defenders of the city managed to join forces to continue resisting the Russian offensive, which lasts more than a month.

According to CNN, Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said on Wednesday that “in Mariupol, as a result of a risky maneuver, units of the 13 th Brigade of Independent Marines advanced toto the Azov regiment”.

Both units “This is what happens when officers don’t lose their heads, but firmly maintain command and control of the troops,” added Arestovych. 13080354The defenders of Mariupol, where 68 1,000 inhabitants remain trapped, fighting to keep parts of the port and the industrial district of Azovstal. a land corridor between separatist-controlled areas and Crimea. In the battle for Mariupol, the Russians have invested in an intense propaganda effort, claiming important advances, even as Ukrainian forces continue to resist.


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