Ukraine estimates Russian damage at $90 billion

Prédio destruído por bombardeio russo em Irpin

Building destroyed by Russian bombing in Irpin| Photo: FE/EPA/Laurence Figà-Talamanca

28073533 28073533Russia caused damage to Ukrainian infrastructure valued at around US$

billions since the start of the invasion, the Kiev government reported on Wednesday (). The information was passed on by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kubrakov, at the meeting of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, in which President Volodymyr Zelensky participated.

In a video released by the president, the minister clarifies that it is about railway, road and bridge infrastructures, and added that “the ambitious objective is to rebuild the infrastructure in one or two years”.

Wednesday’s meeting it was intended to discuss the workings of the state during the war, and was carried out by video. It was the first meeting of Congress during the war according to an official statement.

28073533 Participants discussed the post-war Ukraine Reconstruction Plan, as well as creating comfortable living conditions for all those forced to leave their homes due to the conflict, and in particular, focused on how to provide housing for immigrants.

Deputy Presidential Cabinet Chief Kyrylo Tymoshenko said that it is intended to create a database of the needs of all settlements in Ukraine. According to Tymoshenko, today the state has to provide almost 600 a thousand apartments to accommodate the displaced. Given the size of the needs, the approach of building from scratch was chosen, as well as the purchase of ready-made apartments.

For his part, Zelensky called for all necessary amendments to the regulations to be adopted so that new houses are built with air-raid shelters and old houses are equipped according to public safety needs.

Zelensky also set the task of preparing plans for the reconstruction of cities, towns and communities affected by the Russian invasion. “There will be a combination of finance, expertise and technology, which our partners will simply pass on to us. We need a clear and ambitious plan to involve them in this project, so they give us their architects and we connect them with our experts,” stated the president, asking not to wait for the end of the war to put this plan into practice.

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