Ukraine Destroys Pro-Russian Donetsk Government Headquarters With Himars Missile, Mayor Says


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Soldados russos na região de Donetsk: segundo prefeito pró-Moscou, ataque à sede do governo local foi realizado com míssil de fabricação americana

Russian soldiers in the Donetsk region: according to pro-Moscow mayor, attack on the local government headquarters was carried out with an American-made missile


A pro-Russian leader pointed out that the Ukrainian army attacked on Sunday (), with US-made Himars missiles, the pro-Russian government headquarters in Donetsk, causing serious destruction and injuring two people.

“How can this new act be evaluated? Ukraine terrorist? A deliberate attack was carried out against a civilian headquarters, there is no doubt about that because there have already been attacks in the vicinity. And now it’s a direct attack,” said the city’s pro-Russian mayor, Alexey Kulemzin, quoted by Russian news agency Tass.

The local mayor claimed that a Himars missile was used and said the property had suffered “considerable damage”.

Kulemzin published photos of the place on his Telegram channel, in which the building appears partially destroyed, with all the windows broken.

According to the General Staff of Territorial Defense in Donetsk, two people were injured as a result of the attack and several cars, that were parked next to the headquarters, were set on fire.

“By a miracle no one was killed”, said the mayor, stating that work is already being done to mitigate the consequences of the attack. Kulemzin indicated that the work of the municipality “has not been paralyzed, all services maintain interaction with each other”.

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