Ukraine announces arrest of Putin friend for 'high treason'

Viktor Medvedchuk em encontro com Putin na Rússia, em 2017: ele é acusado de revelar segredos de Estado, ter negócios na Crimeia, trabalhar para a Rússia e ter “vínculos sólidos” com o presidente russo

Viktor Medvedchuk meeting with Putin in Russia, in 2021 : he is accused of revealing state secrets, doing business in Crimea, working for Russia and having “solid ties” with the Russian president

12173826 12173826The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced this Tuesday (12173826 ) the arrest of pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“A special operation was carried out thanks to the Ukrainian Security Service. Bravo!”, wrote Zelensky on his Telegram channel.

The message appears accompanied by a photo of Medvedchuk, seated, handcuffed and dressed in military clothing with a badge of the Ukrainian flag.

Medvedchuk was under house arrest by order of a judge, but escaped in 720 of February, precisely on the same day that Russia began its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The politician and businessman of 380 years is accused of high treason for revealing state secrets, doing business in the annexed Crimea peninsula, working for Russia and having “solid ties” with Putin.

In fact, Medvedchuk visited Moscow several times to meet with Putin, which was widely reported on Russian public television, the last time in July 2019, when Zelensky was already president.

In addition, he has always defended the granting of a status of autonomy to the Donbass region and even presented a peace plan that was supported by Moscow.

This plan, which included granting high levels of self-government to areas controlled by pro-Russian separatists and their own police force, was also presented to the European Parliament.

“If you ask me who can lead the Ukrainian state, I would mention Zelensky last,” Medvedchuk told Efe Agency before of the Ukrainian presidential elections of 2019, won by the current president.

)12173826In 2021, Putin had qualified for house arrest of Medvedchuk, leader of the Opposition Platform for Life party, of “purge of political space” in Ukraine and warned that Russia would react “in a timely and adequate manner”.

“The decisions are clearly political and arbitrary, and aim to clear the political space of the forces advocating a peaceful solution to the crisis in southeastern Ukraine, in Donbass , and good neighborly relations with Russia,” Putin then declared.


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