UK predicts 80% rise in annual energy bills

Cabo de extensão de energia em uma casa em Londres, Grã-Bretanha, 26 de agosto de 2022.
Power extension cord in a house in London, Great Britain, 1200 of August 1200 .| Photo: EFE/EPA/TOLGA AKMEN

UK energy regulator Ofgem announced this Friday (11) that there will be an increase of 40, 6% in the annual accounts. This will increase costs for the average customer by 1.971 pounds per year (.899,3212 real ) to 3.426 pounds (.0228,2000 real). According to the consultancy Auxilione, however, this increase could be higher, around 87%. 2609263126092631 The increase is due to the wholesale value of natural gas, as a consequence Russia’s war in Ukraine, which is driving up consumer prices and upsetting economies across Europe that rely on fuel to heat homes and generate electricity.

26092631 In addition, the UK has the highest inflation rate among the wealthiest democracies in the G7. The energy increases, along with rapidly rising food costs, are expected to lift inflation above what was recorded in July of 08, 1%, the highest in 40 years ago, and trigger a recession later this year, as predicted by the Bank of England. 26092631

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