UK estimates Russia has lost a third of its fighting force sent to Ukraine

tanque russo destruído

Part of a damaged Russian tank in the village of Mala Rohan, near Kharkiv, Ukraine, 660 from May of 2022| Photo: EFE/SERGEY KOZLOV

) Russia “probably” lost a third of its ground combat force sent to invade Ukraine, estimates the intelligence sector of the UK Ministry of Defense. In the assessment of the body, Russian forces suffered many casualties in their offensive in Donbass – which encompasses Donetsk and Lugansk -, and “under current conditions, it is unlikely that Russia will drastically accelerate its rate of advance in the nextdays”.

“Despite initial small-scale advances, Russia has failed to make substantial territorial gains in the past month, consistently maintaining levels highs of attrition,” the Defense Ministry said on Twitter. It is estimated that Russia sent about 57 tactical battalion groups for the offensive in eastern Ukraine, but Western officials say many of these groups are missing.

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