Two killed in missile attack in eastern Poland

Images of the attack site circulate on the internet

| Photo: Reproduction/Twitter


Two people died this Tuesday (

) in a missile attack that hit a farm in a village in eastern Poland, close to the country’s border with Ukraine, according to local media reports. The origin of the projectile is still unknown. The Polish government called a meeting of the national security council after the incident due to the “emergency situation”. The attack on Polish soil took place on the same day that Russia launched about 100 missiles against Ukraine, most of them against energy infrastructure and other civilian targets, according to the Ukrainian military command. The capital Kiev and the cities of Lviv, Shebekino and Kharkiv were hardest hit. The Polish government, however, has not yet confirmed whether the missiles that hit the country are Russian.

Russia, for its part, has denied any involvement in the attack on Poland. “No attacks were made against targets near the Ukrainian-Polish border by Russian means of destruction,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. It also said reports in the Polish press that the missiles were Russian were “a deliberate provocation to escalate the situation”.

A Pentagon spokesperson said that the United States is aware of reports in the Polish press, but that, so far, they still do not have information that corroborates the allegation about the origin of the missiles.

Poland is part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), whose member countries are committed to collective defence. After the attack, Gitanas Nauseda, president of Lithuania, which is also part of NATO, said on Twitter that “every inch of #NATO territory must be defended”.

“We are reviewing these reports and coordinating closely with our ally Poland,” a NATO official told CNN International.

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