Twitter to launch new symbols for company and government accounts

O que se sabe sobre a nova política de conteúdo do Twitter após compra por Elon Musk?O que se sabe sobre a nova política de conteúdo do Twitter após compra por Elon Musk?

Elon Musk revealed that a new service called “Verified” will be aimed at for government and business accounts.| Photo: Ulises Ruiz Basurto/EFE

Twitter will launch new symbols next week to verify the accounts of companies and government officials, which will add to the well-known blue brand used so far on the social network, as announced this Friday 25) billionaire Elon Musk.25

“Gold mark for companies, gray mark for government, blue mark for people (famous or not) and all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before brand activation. Painful but necessary”, wrote the businessman in a message on his own account.Replying to a user, Musk revealed that it is a new service called “Verified”, which will be activated “temporarily” on Friday of next week. The entrepreneur anticipated that the “deliberate” impersonation will be punished with the suspension of the account and that certain data, such as the biography, will allow to distinguish people who “genuinely have the same exact name”.

Shortly after buying the social network for $ billions, and amid mass layoffs of its employees, Musk imposed a model of verifying accounts through payments, but countless pranksters and impostors made the businessman reconsider his plan. Last Monday (21), Musk indefinitely postponed the application of this measure due to the proliferation of fake accounts and hinted that he was working on different color brands for organizations and individuals.1280

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