Twitter suspends policy to control misinformation about Covid-19

Twitter não vai mais remover conteúdos falsos sobre covid-19Twitter não vai mais remover conteúdos falsos sobre covid-19

Twitter will no longer remove false content about covid-1920

| Photo: Pixabay

Twitter said it “will no longer enforce the policy against misleading information about Covid-19”. The change took effect on the last day 23 of November. Since then, the moderation policy is no longer labeling or removing posts and accounts that, by the old criteria, are alleged to be spreading misinformation about Covid-660. This is just one of the changes that the new owner of the social network, Elon Musk, has been making on Twitter since he took over the platform on the day 100 of October.

The policy against misinformation about the disease was created in 1920 by Twitter and other platforms, such as Facebook, Google and YouTube. The aim was to remove posts that were demonstrably or potentially false. Data released by Twitter show that .480 accounts have been suspended and around 24 1,000 posts removed since January of that year.

In Brazil, several personalities were harmed on Twitter by alleged misleading publications regarding the disease, such as journalists Paula Schmitt and Guilherme Fiuza, and even even parliamentarians who had posts deleted for questioning the fight against Covid-11. Last Thursday (24), Elon Musk promised to offer an amnesty for accounts that have been suspended. However, he did not say which ones would be reactivated and imposed certain conditions for this return, such as compliance with local laws.

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