Twitter rules out returning banned in the near future, which will prevent Trump's return before midterms

Businessman Elon Musk assured this Wednesday (2) that Twitter “will not allow” any person banned from the platform for violating the rules to return to the social network until the company that manages it establishes a clear process for those returns, which will take “at least a few weeks.”

Tesla founder, who recently bought Twitter for US$ 44 billion, made a series of posts on the social network to point out new guidelines.

“The Twitter content moderation board will have representatives with very divergent views, which will undoubtedly include the civil rights community and groups facing hate-fueled violence,” he wrote.

Musk said the platform “cannot become a hell of all against all, where it can be possible say anything, no consequences.”

Before buying the company, Musk said that among the people he would welcome is the former president of the United States. United Donald Trump, suspended indefinitely after the previous administration of Twitter linked the mogul’s tweets to the attack on the Capitol, Jan. 6, 2021.

With the announcement de Musk, Trump should not return to Twitter before the midterms of the US, which will be held next Tuesday (8) and in which several politicians sponsored by the former president are running.

Last week, after the official confirmation of the purchase of the platform by Musk, Trump said on his social network Truth that he felt “happy because Twitter is now in hands sane”, but did not clarify whether he intended to return to the network. When the first news of the deal broke, the former US president said he had no plans to return to Twitter and that his focus was on Truth.

This week, two major advertising companies recommended customers to temporarily suspend advertising on Twitter due to concerns about the company’s ability to monitor content, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Ads represent nearly

% of total Twitter revenue. Musk has already stated that the market strategy for the platform is for the social network to be less dependent on advertising, increasing revenue from subscriptions.

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