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Turkey reiterates support for Palestine as it normalizes relations with Israel


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised this Tuesday (23) that the normalization of diplomatic relations with Israel, which will soon culminate in the exchange of ambassadors, will not reduce his support for Palestine.

“The measures we are taking in our relationship with Israel will in no way reduce our support for the Palestinian cause,” Erdogan told reporters in Ankara alongside the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas.

“On the contrary, these steps will contribute to resolving the Palestinian conflict and will contribute to improving the situation of the Palestinian people. Our Palestinian brothers also say that”, he added.

Erdogan also stressed that Turkey will keep its support to Palestinian society unchanged in the form of humanitarian aid and financing of business and academic projects.

Abbas is in Turkey for a three-day official visit, which started on Monday and will end on Wednesday, and was received on Tuesday by Erdogan at the presidential palace in Ankara.

)The Palestinian leader thanked the host for his “unalterable stance of support for the Palestinian people” and emphasized that “the institutions of the Republic of Turkey have always supported the State of Palestine in the international arena.”

Both Erdogan and Abbas stressed their commitment to a two-state solution, which would allow the establishment of an independent Palestine on the borders of 1967 with its capital in East Jerusalem.

To this end, argued Abbas, “Israeli acts contrary to international law and agreements must this, especially the expansion of settlements and the demolition of schools, houses and other buildings in the occupied territories.”

“Nevertheless, we continue with peaceful popular resistance and reject violence and terrorism. This is our policy and we will maintain it, whatever Israel does”, added the Palestinian leader, in power since 2005.

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