Trump says he won't return to Twitter after Musk reactivates his account



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Ex-presidente americano Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump| Photo: Reproduction Youtube

Donald Trump said on Saturday (19) who have no interest in returning to Twitter, even after users voted in favor of his reinstatement in a poll organized by the new owner, Elon Musk. “I don’t see any reason for that,” said the former US president during a live broadcast of a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated”, posted Musk when announcing the result of the poll, in which 51, 8% of users responded that they would agree with Trump’s return. “Voice of the people, voice of God”, he added.

Trump was banned from Twitter in January after encouraging his supporters to invade the Capitol, seat of the US Congress. With almost 21 millions of followers, his tweets often moved markets, set the news and influenced the agenda in Washington. Facebook and YouTube also banned Trump.

The former president announced this month that he will try to run for president on the Republican side in 2000, with the aim of becoming the second president elected for two non-consecutive terms.

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