Trump Says Capitol Attack Investigation Is “Fraud” by “Radical Leftists”

Former US President Donald Trump classified this Friday (17) members of the Congressional committee investigating the attack on the Capitol as “radical leftists”, and said that the The committee’s conclusion of what happened on January 6, 2021 is a “total fraud”.

The committee concluded that Trump pressured his vice president, Mike Pence, to block the ratification of the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden in 2020 even knowing that his plan was “illegal”. “Every member is a radical leftist who hates us. They are weaving a false narrative and a chilling attempt to persecute their political opponents,” the former Republican president said during a rally in Nashville, Tennessee.

Trump commented that the committee’s investigation is based on “rigged” videos and “taken out of context” statements, and is intended to damage the image of Republicans ahead of the November midterm elections. “Everything they say is a complete lie and a total fraud,” insisted the tycoon.

Videos shown at the hearing featured several witnesses questioned in the past by the committee, including his daughter and former aide. Ivanka Trump, who stated that the then president called Pence, who would preside over the congressional session to ratify Biden’s victory, to pressure him.

Trump, who on Friday repeated his 2020 false accusation of electoral fraud, said he did not ask Pence to “decide” the election result, but to send the results to state legislatures for review. “Mike Pence had the opportunity to be great. He had the opportunity to do something historic. But like Will Barr and other weak people, he didn’t have the courage to act,” said Trump, who has been at odds with his ex. -vice president since then.

That day, a crowd of Trump supporters stormed Congress to disrupt the session, an attack in which five people died, and about 140 agents were attacked. Shortly before, Trump delivered an impassioned speech near the White House, in which he encouraged supporters to go to Capitol Hill amid his baseless accusations that Democrats had committed election fraud.

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