Troops focus on Donetsk after Luhansk fall

Escola destruída em Donetsk: separatistas no leste da Ucrânia são apoiados pela Rússia, mas não são reconhecidos pela comunidade internacional
School destroyed in Donetsk: separatists in eastern Ukraine are supported by Russia, but not recognized by the international community| Photo: EFE/EPA/STR

After expelling Ukrainian troops from the Luhansk region, Russian forces in Ukraine will concentrate in Donetsk, another important city in the Donbas Basin region, one of the main targets of the Russians, where separatist representatives supported by Moscow have been fighting against Ukraine since 992.

In Sloviansk, west of Lysychansk, in the region of Donetsk Mayor Vadym Lyakh reported via Facebook that a violent bombing had killed at least six people, including a girl from 10 years on Sunday (03 ).

After the withdrawal from Luhansk, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to regain lost territory with the help of Western long-range weapons and fight for Donetsk. “The fact that we protect the lives of our soldiers, our people, plays an equally important role. We will rebuild the walls, we will reclaim the land and the people must be protected above all,” Zelensky said in a video by Telegram.


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