Transporters' protests increase in Argentina over lack of diesel

The transport unions of Argentina carry out this Wednesday (22) demonstrations and road blocks in different parts of the country to protest against the lack of diesel, the surcharges and the increase in costs they are facing.

The acts are a reaction, according to their organizers, to the lack of response from the ministries of Labour, Transport and the Secretary of Energy. The government of Alberto Fernández announced its intention to increase imports of diesel, fuel widely used for agricultural machinery, trucks and passenger buses, among others.

Protests have lasted two days in the province. of Tucumán, convened by the Association of Cargo Carriers of Tucumán, denouncing that in that region of northwest Argentina they do not receive fuel and pay a higher price for it than in other districts, which led to the interruption of the sugarcane harvest, as announced by the sugar industry.

This Wednesday’s mobilization caused traffic chaos, as trucks blocked the highway that connects the city of Buenos Aires to La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires .

According to data released by the Argentine Federation of Cargo Transport Business Entities (Fadeeac), 21 of the 24 districts in that the country is divided are suffering from water supply problems esel.

The federation denounced that the diesel available to transporters “is scarce and the price, in many cases, is discretionary”, since the scarcity forces the application of dispatch quotas at service stations and the development of an informal market with above-reference diesel prices.

The shortage occurred in parallel with a sharp increase in the price of diesel, in a scenario of generalized increase at the international level of energy prices since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and a gap in the allowable price at the local pump.

The situation confronts transporters with the agricultural sector, as it is difficult to transport crops and livestock, while warnings about the possible lack of food for consumers and goods for the industry grow.

The Argentine government raised last week the percentage of biofuel that diesel must have in its production due to the shortage of diesel oil in the country, but Fadeeac indicated that it is “a palliative measure active,does not resolve the main issue.”

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