Unlocking The Mysteries: Tower Of God Season 2 Premieres In 2023

The popular anime series Tower of God has drawn in viewers from all across the world. The series is based on a SIU-created Korean webtoon of the same name (real name: Lee Jong-hui).

In a mysterious and perilous realm, the anime Tower of God tackles themes of friendship, treachery, and ambition.

A new season of Tower of God will be released. During their industry discussion at Crunchyroll Expo, the streaming service announced that Tower of God Season 2 was in production as of August 2022.

We await the comeback of the South Korean Manhwa Tower of God in 2023 even if season 2 has not yet been made available.

According to Crunchyroll, the second season of the dark fantasy series will follow Bam as he continues his study of the mysterious tower.

Part two of “Tower of God” The second season of the television show Tower of God is titled “The Return of the Prince.” Jyu Viole Grace and Ja Wangnan are the two main characters.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date


Be ready for the imminent restoration of the Tower of God. The streaming service announced that Season 2 of the program had begun production at the Crunchyroll Expo in August 2022.

There hasn’t been any other information provided about the premiere. Season 2 should arrive soon because the first season debuted in April 2020.

Although the start of Season 2 of Tower of God is anticipated for 2023, we’ll be sure to update this site with any fresh details as soon as they become available.

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Tower of God Season 2 Cast


At least some of the voice actors might come back. They are Saori Hayami as Rachel, Kenta Miyake as Rak, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Khun, Taichi Ichikawa as Bam, and Rie Suegara as Endorsi. Kenjirou Tsuda plays Lero-Ro. New faces will also be introduced on the upcoming outing.

Tower Of God Plot Explained: What Is the Manhwa All About?

The protagonist of Tower of God is a little child named Bam who has lived much of his life alone and in darkness in a cave. One day, Rachel, a young woman, shows up and offers to take him outside.

Bam enters the mysterious tower with Rachel, where it is stated that those who make it to the top are granted their wishes. Bam must overcome numerous obstacles and risk his life in order to reach the tower.


The tower is separated into several levels, each of which is more challenging than the previous level. Bam and his pals, including a strong sorceress named Yuri and a talking alligator named Rak, must make their way into the tower while overcoming more challenging obstacles. They come across other climbers along the route, each with their own goals and secrets.

Tower of God’s inventive world-building is one of its most intriguing features. The tower is a huge construction that appears to defy gravity and reality. Every level has a unique setting and culture as well as its own set of guidelines and difficulties. In addition, the tower is home to a diverse range of magical beings, including enormous beasts and strong sorcerers.

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Where to Watch Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God will make its debut on Crunchyroll since it is a Crunchyroll Originals series, along with a potential English dub.

In addition to the information about the production, Crunchyroll also made known that Season 2 of Tower of God would soon be accessible through the service.

Tower of God Season 2 Trailer

An official trailer for Tower of God Season 2 has been released by Crunchyroll, and it shows Bam, Rachel, and the other Regulars attempting to climb the Tower.

In the meantime, SIU also sent out a special statement in which it thanked all of the fans.

He added that he wanted to express his gratitude to the entire anime production team.

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The Korean webtoon that served as the inspiration for the anime Tower of God is a gripping tale of loyalty, ambition, and friendship. The production of the second season has been finalised, and its premiere is set for 2023.

As Bam starts his journey inside the odd tower, exciting challenges, an intriguing narrative, and the reappearance of familiar voice actors may all be anticipated. Watch for the announcement of the release date and get ready to be enthralled by the world of the Tower of God.

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