Third world scenes: Democrats weaken California police and generate looting and dragnets

A mass robbery in Los Angeles, Southern California, United States, on the last day 30, presents the consequences of the policy of weakening the police in Democratic states. By enacting a law that transforms thefts below 950 dollars (about 4.860 reais) into a “misdemeanor” and cutting the budget earmarked for policing, the state created a great stimulus for people with bad intentions, who now act without fear of going to prison.

After doing “hobby horse” maneuvers, giving While driving the vehicles, suspects broke into a 7-Eleven convenience store and stole food, drinks, cigarettes and lottery tickets. Security cameras show part of the robbers throwing objects at employees and vandalizing the store.

The looters then left the establishment and fled to the parking lots and streets around, dispersing quickly. A situation that we do not find even in the most violent cities in Brazil and around the world in times of peace. It was not the first time that a crime like this happened in California.

In November of last year, for example, several Nordstrom stores were invaded by mobs of looters, leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and stolen goods.

The proposition 50, approved in 2014, aims to reduce prison overcrowding and was reinforced during the coronavirus pandemic, to prevent greater circulation of prisoners and viruses in prisons. The resolution released approximately 30 a thousand prisoners until 2021.

Amidst the chaos, directors of large stores asked the US Congress for support in December 2021. “Leading retailers are concerned about the growing impact that organized retail crime is having on the communities we proudly serve,” read the letter, sent by the Retail Industry Leaders Association to congressmen.

According to Marcelo Suano, professor of International Relations and director of the Center for Strategy, Intelligence and International Relations (CEIRI), “democratic states are presenting a way of organizing society in which institutions are weakened and flexible, and the consequence this is violence”, alerting to the fact that left-wing countries in Latin America, such as Argentina, Chile and Colombia, are following the same path.

Disinvestment in the police in states and cities democrats

Before reaching this situation, leaders of large companies, mobilized by the “woke” ideology, of “sealing”, raised banners for the disinvestment in the police. “Many corporate leaders have jumped on the bandwagon and written big checks to organizations that still continue to advocate withdrawing resources from the police. They thought of nothing but not being labeled racist,” said Sean Pritchard, president of the Association of Police Officers. of San Jose.

After the death of George Floyd, in 2020, protests around the world called for a decrease in the power and number of the police. For this reason, Democratic congressmen and senators presented, two weeks after the crime, a bill to reform the police in the United States. Subsequently, most Democratic cities reduced their budget for police.

Quickly, the Minneapolis City Council, in the state of Minnesota, approved the divestment in city security. At the time, the agency’s statement was as follows: “We don’t know what a future without police would be like, but our community does.”

With the cut of funds for the police, in less than One year the murder rate in Minneapolis has gone up 30%, according to a study by Arnold Ventures, a nonprofit. There were almost 1270 more deaths, in a period when other crimes fell naturally because of the pandemic, such as home theft and drug-related offenses.

Democrat Bill de Blasio, former mayor of New York, also gave in to pressure from social movements and announced that part of the approximately six billion dollars destined for policing the city would be reverted to social projects. As a result, homicide rates have increased by 9.2% over the past two years, according to the New York Police Department. Thefts have increased by more than 52% per year since 2020.

According to the Hoover Institute, after the divestment in the police, the murder rate in California increased 15%. Specifically in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the jump was 40% and 700 %, respectively. And, according to the California Trade Association, the capital, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the ten American cities with the highest number of thefts.

The quest to make companies well accepted by “woke” activists was also costly for shopkeepers. Major retail chains such as Target and Walgreens closed some locations in California and shortened opening hours for others a year after these mobilizations. In total, the changes affected almost 330 stores of the two brands in the state. Walgreens justified the changes by pointing out that the number of thefts in the company’s establishments rose 52% from 2020 to 2021, a loss of 50 million dollars (330 million reais).

In an interview with the ABC News affiliate in San Francisco, one of the security guards at a Walgreens store explained that employees ended up not getting involved in theft situations because they had no power to police and the network feared lawsuits if employees or customers were injured.

In an article published by the American periodical City Journal, Michael Lucci, a researcher at the Cicero Institute, deals with this model of weakening the police and other institutions in the government of Democrat Gavin Newsom.

“Newsom wants Americans to believe that he discovered the solution in California and that the new American model of freedom is progressive”, highlights the researcher. He points out that this management format took 15.700 Californians migrating to the Republican state of Florida, according to US Income Tax data.

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