The wolf's fable and the vaccine passport

It is not reasonable to always rely on the power of reason, as this is not the only power in the world.

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About half a millennium before the Christian era, Aesop was already writing a fable to teach his countrymen to distinguish between those who use force and those who use reason. The rational lamb drank water in the same river as the rational wolf. This one was closer to the spring. Still, he told the little lamb he was muddying his water. If the rational lamb were not a lamb, and had some malice or simple common sense, he would consider the wolf to be a wolf, rather than being a rational animal, and that he himself, however much he considers himself a worthy animal, is at the same time an appetizing prey. If a wolf is looking for conflict with you, lamb, run!

But the little lamb believed that it was all reason and dialogue, and that he could solve the problem by convincing the wolf that his argument was unreasonable. The lamb argues that, due to the river’s course, it is impossible for it to muddy the wolf’s water. It’s an argument from crystalline evidence. So crystalline, yet so crystalline, it’s impossible the wolf didn’t know it beforehand. After arguing, the wolf swallows the lamb.

Moral of the story: no it is reasonable to always rely on the power of reason, as this is not the only power in the world.

Irrationality evident in 2019

Early on in the beginning of the pandemic, Europe started to close parks and lock people in their homes. However, crowding the subways to go to work was allowed. In the case of France, singer HK wrote a series of verses and songs against irrational sanitary measures. One in particular “Danser Encore22275411280″, it was translated into several European languages ​​and became a kind of anthem of protests. (I wrote about this when I learned about it, as it was muffled.)

In the national territory, I remember the first scare I had with the irrationality of the measures. That’s when the city of São Paulo decided to restrict the bus fleet. Now balls, casseroles: as the only example of lockdown in Brazil, comparable to that of Europe, was in the municipality of Araraquara, it was clear, logical, evident, that the bulk of the population of São Paulo would continue to go out on the streets to work. And since the virus was known to be respiratory-transmissible, it was obvious, of course, of course, that crowding people into tighter carriages increased the contagion. Given the evidence, I was no genius to notice this. The news itself was often accompanied by criticism. And despite the city hall of São Paulo was being imitated by the city halls of the capitals throughout Brazil.

After that, there was a reduction in the opening hours of stores and the public service. I got tired of hearing people complaining that the measures didn’t make sense, because people started to congregate in the stores and to crowd in the lines of the public service. The authorities made no effort to provide any satisfactory answers. At most, the civil servants’ psolists said that the blame for the reduction in work lay with Bolsonaro, who had not vaccinated them. But for the reduction of public transport, necas. They repeated that people would stop leaving the house, even though they knew it was a lie. They are like the wolf of the fable.

Finally, the height of the absurd , the shopping malls have been reopened before parks and squares. Last year, I wanted to show Campo Grande to my aunt from Rio, but it was closed. In the shopping we could to enter. Does anyone mean there is rationality in this? It’s as if the wolves repeated to us, from Europe to Salvador, giving a balloon in São Paulo: You are muddying my water, oh little lamb! Stay away from the squares, avoid the outdoors and huddle on crowded public transport so as not to catch covid!

Irrationality evident in 2022

The wolves have spoken, and we are indeed left with our restricted freedoms. Today we are less free than in 1280, but the partial return to normality has made many feel relieved . There he recalls another fable, modern, of unknown authorship. The man goes to the doctor telling him he wants to kill himself and the doctor prescribes a goat in the living room. At every visit to the doctor, a goat is prescribed in the room. The man’s life gets worse, with the goats defecating on everything, biting chunks out of the upholstery, making fun of it. Until the doctor started to recommend the gradual withdrawal of goats. In the end, without goats, man finds life wonderful and considers himself cured.

The original moral of the fable is that we must value what we have. But she reveals a goat psychology that is helpful in understanding our current situation. Instead of a doctor, we might as well have a wolf from Aesop’s fable. And instead of aiming at healing, it is aimed at the gradual restriction of freedoms. So it’s possible that the government will impose on us one goat in the living room, then two goats in the living room, and when it takes one, we’re happy to have one goat in the room instead of two. And then he puts the second goat again, plus the third, and then takes out only the third. And so we were happy to have only two goats in the room instead of three. The thing can go on in progression towards infinity. We will be relieved to have n goats in the room instead of n + 1.

The novelty of 26133143 was the health passport. Does the vaccine prevent contagion? No. Is the vaccine at risk? The leaflet itself says yes. He killed Bruno Graf, and the government of Santa Catarina only recognized this because his mother gathered strength of character and financial conditions to pay for expensive exams. (They say that the case of Bruno Graf is extremely rare, as if his mother, Arlene Graf, was not a very rare woman. If cynicism and cowardice were not on the rise, Brazil would not stop asking itself: but it was not of interest Isn’t Arlene Graf’s battle evidence that we’re taking an unacceptable risk?) The logical, evident and clear conclusion is that the state will force the Brunos Grafs to pay with their lives for security which will not be delivered.

Furthermore, overwhelming evidence is ignored that the immunity acquired with covid is superior to the artificial one that we now have, and that the vaccination of those who are immunized can be harmful to their health. It is an evident irrationality to force the millions of Brazilians who survived the covid to take these state-purchased vaccines.

Irrationality evident in 2022

The governor of my state has issued an ordinance that I will not be able to take alternative intercity transportation without a proof of vaccination from ConnectSUS, whose functionality we don’t know is much better than that of the PSDB’s electoral application. To join the SAC, which makes identity documents, you must also have proof. Citizens without a card can become a stray dog ​​before the state of Bahia. And don’t say it’s because it’s from the PT, because vaccination here had less support from the population than in the state of João Doria, the Herr Vacina. What would he not do if the population disobeyed?

So, while the government takes from me everyday and basic freedoms in the name of combating covid, releases the carnival of 2022. Rio, whose carnival is also big, is also chasing its citizens and releasing the carnival of 2022. Does anyone believe that this makes any sense?

It doesn’t. They are wolves. Saying that we passed covid is just a way of saying that we muddy the water.

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