The West sends heavy weapons to Ukraine; what will be the consequences?


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Journalist Luis Kawaguti and Commander Robinson Farinazzo debate live on the deployment of tanks, anti-aircraft artillery and anti-aircraft missiles. ship to Ukraine. The conversation will be this Tuesday (

), Starting at 12 hours.

At the beginning of the conflict, supplying attack weapons to the Ukrainians was something inadmissible for the Western powers – who feared the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, since Moscow could use weapons of mass destruction or attack some NATO country, the Western military alliance.

But the revelation of massacres allegedly committed by Russian forces ended the initial struggles over the supply of weapons – a scenario that has the potential to make the conflict spread.

The War Games column brings exclusive reports on the war industry, the armed forces, zones of conflict and geopolitics. Due to the war in Ukraine, the column’s periodicity was expanded to three times a week. These topics are deepened in conversations with experts in the field, now every Tuesday and Thursday.

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