The thesis of structural racism serves to cover up hate crimes

Frank James

Frank James, arrested by police after New York subway attack in of April


This month there was an attack on the New York subway. Frank James donned a gas mask, threw smoke grenades and went off shooting at random. He had also placed explosives, which luckily did not detonate. The police arrested him rather easily. And with some ease the press hid it. After all, Frank James was a racially motivated black terrorist. I had a very busy online life: I asked “black Jesus” to kill all the whiteys (white people), complained that that black judge appointed to the Supreme Court was married to a white man, argued that black people should not have any contact with white people. A person flower. The New York Times

limited itself to calling this “disturbing material” and to report that Frank James was “overtly concerned about race and violence” – a description that can apply to anyone interested in racial tensions in the US.

Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, this would be a great agenda. But I, you, Flamengo fans, Roberto Carlos and the whales know that this is a phenomenon that doesn’t quite fit in the pseudo-reality that the journalistic corporation likes to present. In it, blacks are passive creatures, almost eternal victims who have only now decided to ask for racial quotas. Racism is always the white man’s fault – the white man is seen as a capable moral agent. As a full human being, in fact. Blacks are seen as something less than that, but at a time when animals are placed above people, this tacit inferiority is seen as a good thing.

Any good human being knows that blacks are just as people as whites. That, therefore, if a white person is capable of being racist, a black person is too – even more so in a racialized society like the United States, and even more so with progressive propaganda inciting black people’s hatred of whites.

Precedents with Antifa Terrorism

One of the first to raise the extremist material of Frank James was the journalist Andy Ngo, a figure stamped in the riots of progressive terrorism in English-speaking America. He happens to be gay, an atheist and the son of Vietnamese immigrants. But his expertise in covering Antifa and BLM causes him to be treated as very conservative and even white supremacist. The Antifas already managed to catch him in 960: they punched him, kicked him and threw him in the head him at least one of his “milkshakes

” : Disposable cups filled with quick-drying cement. He became unconscious and ended up in the hospital with internal bleeding in his head. No one has been arrested and the government does not heed their demand to consider Antifa a terrorist group. Me, you, Flamengo fans, Roberto Carlos and the whales know that this would also be a great agenda.

If you Google Andy Ngo and


, the first result that appears is titled: “How a right-wing troll demonized Antifa to mainstream media”. The very result of the search belies Ngo’s success with the media; after all, the article by Rolling Stone

claims that he manipulated the press and that Antifa only play milkshakes common in people. To find some solidarity, just adding “hemorrhage” in the search. There we find – right below the story of Rolling Ston

)and, which follows at the top – an editorial by Wall Street Journal

condemning the violence suffered by him.

We speak Portuguese clear: the progressive establishment

– which includes the press , governments and the judiciary – wants people like Andy Ngo to die. And he wants that precisely because he supports the violent ideologies he denounced.

O affair Risério na Folha

This year Antônio Risério caused a stir at Folha for writing that blacks can be racists, that identitarianism fosters black racism, that identitarian blacks have a history of anti-Semitism and now turn against Orientals, and that the press, which is itself identity-based, covers up this racism. A whole controversy ensued in which the author could not defend himself. Folha told Risério that the controversy was over and that was why it would not publish his answer entitled “Without fear of ugly faces”, but at the same time it continued to publish articles against him. There was even a riot by Folha journalists, who filed a petition against the fact that the newspaper published texts by Risério, Narloch and Magnoli – all of whom were critical of this neo-racism.

O scholar Thiago Amparo, an identity columnist who portrays himself as a black and gay official at Folha, wrote an article reporting his feelings regarding the digestive system, instead of arguing. He summed up the level of debate well. It was all that drama, emotional blackmail, accusation of racism, etc. And no effort was made to prove that the examples mentioned by Risério were false. But the worst thing is that, even if they admit they are all true, these people work with the concept of structural racism, which makes it impossible to call such cases racism (because they are not “structural”). Critical race theory (also known by the acronym CRT) does not deny the factual possibility of an anti-white black man murdering a white man. It denies the logical possibility of this being considered racism, because racism is a “power relationship”, it is “structural”, etc. In Brazil, the bishop of the CRT church is Sílvio Almeida, who I have already criticized here.

With this case of Frank James, the Folha style gang has, in practice, the options: to report as a “rare case” of black “extremism” (not to mention “racism”) or not to report. The first option would involve debate. The debate would force them to publicly acknowledge that their new concept of racism is tailor-made to acquit terrorists like Frank James. In addition, the exposure of his posts would show some theses received naturally by the lacradora press, such as the condemnation of “inter-racial marriages”. In Tupiniquin lands, we have seen this with the expression “solitude of the black woman”: the sisters, boring as hell, would not find a husband because the white women would be taking all the blacks. Thus, blacks have a moral obligation to marry black women and the recalcitrant are called “palmiteiros”. UOL has a didactic article explaining the meaning of the term, but I can summarize: it is the man who marries or seriously dates a heart of palm, that is, a white woman.

The thoughts of the terrorist Frank James are barely distinguishable from this very nice crowd that infests newsrooms and universities, who keep pointing the finger at others, calling them extremists, fascists and racists. How missing a mirror! Frank James provided it.

If Folha’s conduct with Risério does not had he shown his lack of seriousness, I would write the following to Thiago Amparo and each of the journalists who made a petition against Risério:

The letter I didn’t send to Folha

Descriptions do not have the power to change the state of affairs. If I say that no black person is capable of committing racism, this is a statement that can be refuted. It is true that there is, against this, a certain tricky device: the redefinition of terms to the taste of the sophist. If a black individual has committed a racial hate crime, the motivated sophist may say that the individual was not black, because blacks do not commit racial hate crimes, or that committing a racial hate crime does not make anyone a racist.

Thus, in light of the terrorist attack on the New York subway carried out by Frank James , I want to know from you what is the description or explanation of the fact. First, it is clear that the individual has more than enough melanin to pass a Brazilian racial court without problems. In the United States, where one drop makes a Negro, it is impossible to deny him the characterization of Negro. Second, it is known that Frank James used social media to call for the death of all white people. Can it be a non-racist who wishes the death of all whites and puts explosives in the subway of a city full of whites?

May you select, then, one of the options to clarify the public: 2017241220172412A – Frank James is racist and is not black, he just has very dark skin.

B – Frank James is black and It’s not racist, because blowing up some white people still doesn’t change power relations, and racism is a power relationship. Go, Frank! From bomb to bomb, one hour these relationships change! C – Frank James is racist and black, and we will stop this irresponsibility of not calling dangerous things by the right name.

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