The Teacher OTT release date: When and where to watch Amala Paul starrer thriller drama

Amala Paul, who achieved a level of fame in the cinema industry of Tamil, also worked in a few films that were made in other languages. This actress is gave Malayalam film industry another shot with the movie ‘The Teacher: Never Forgive, Never Forget,’ which is her latest attempt at breaking into the profession.

Devika, a physical education teacher, and her husband have been trying to start a family for four years. After she finds out she is pregnant and after she discloses that she was abused by four students while competing in a sporting event, their dynamic shifts significantly.

Amala Paul plays the lead role in The Teacher: Never Forgive, Never Forget. Other notable actors that appeared in the film include Hakkim Shah, Maala Parvathi, Chemban Vinod Jose, Umesh Kaushik, IM Vijayan, Anumol K Manoharan, Prasant Murali, Nandu, and Manju Pillai.

Vivek is the director of the film, and Varun Tripuraneni, G. Pruthvi Raj, and Abhishek Ramisetty are the producers. Dawn Vincent is responsible for composing the film’s score, and Anu Moothedath is the cinematographer for this project.

The Teacher OTT release date

The movie “The Teacher” was released in theatres on December 2, 2022, but the opening weekend was met with lukewarm reception from both audiences and reviewers. Due to the film’s poor performance at the box office, the creators of this suspenseful drama have decided to release it on digital platforms instead.

Beginning on December 23, 2022, viewers can access The Teacher via the over-the-top (OTT) streaming option provided by Netflix. This gripping drama is available on Netflix, and it is perfect for sharing with friends and family over the holiday weekend.

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