The success rate of female startups at Covid is 85%; 15% of young startups have changed companies | The success rate of female startups at Covid is 85%; 15% of young startups have changed companies

Gujarati NewsBusiness The success rate of female startups at Covid is 85%; 15% of young startups have changed companies

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Ahmedabad 17 days ago Author: Mandar Dave

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In the Corona epidemic, startups have diversified their activities and increased their activities, Corona’s nadio activity has been reduced by 15%, women’s trade in household cleaning and food products has increased, young startups have become active in the hotel industry, more than 20% of startups in Gujarat

Gujarati which remains loyal to the trade even in the event of an epidemic. Gujarati women are also making changes in business. Now the definition of doing business only for young men has been changed by the female entrepreneurs of Corona. In Gujarat, women entrepreneurs have set foot in housekeeping-cleaning-food products, housing industry, corporate gifts, service providers. It is estimated that over 1,200 female startups have started in Gujarat in Corona with a success rate of over 85%. As young men ventured into the service providers, pharmacy related products, sanitation, face masks, hospitality sectors and achieved higher than expected turnover in Corona Crisis.

The Corona outbreak has changed the structure of commerce. Especially nowadays, most of the young people who lose their jobs choose to start a small business instead of finding a job. Startups work in segments such as engineering, consumer goods, hospitality, retail, agri-jewelry, automotive, components. There are around 15,000 registered and 45,000 unregistered startups in the country, of which 764 are registered startups in Gujarat. As for unregistered startups, there are over 4,200 active in Gujarat. India is the third largest country in the world in terms of startup environment, and Gujarat is also the top startup state.

While the definition of the MSME sector has changed during the outbreak, the industry is now considered a startup with a turnover of Rs 1 crore to Rs 5-10 crore. The government of Gujarat has announced a fund of Rs 100 crore this year to stimulate startups, with 600 to 700 startups benefiting from 200 projects. Many new startups have sprung up in Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Surat. Bhavesh Upadhyay, an enterprising Indian, said 12-15% of startups running before Korona rolled up their sleeves. In addition, 15% of startups have diversified in their activities, energized the company and succeeded.

The startup has tripled its activity
Start-up revenue of service provider, sanitation, mask, hotel segment, food, grocery, cleaning, housekeeping, pharmaceutical sector doubled

When the start was interrupted, it hijacked
FMCG, automotive, components, retail and engineering startups struggled, and most entrepreneurs diversified and found income opportunities.

Favya, a startup that relies on digital platforms
The epidemic has made it very difficult to do business in the retail sector. Under such circumstances, startups that expanded the reach of e-commerce as well as digital generated revenue. Digital coverage has expanded commerce with indirect cost savings. > Sunil Parekh, economic advisor

Trade tripled by service provider
Not realizing the need for people to come out of the epidemic, we started a service provider facility in the business sector in which we expanded the business by building a canteen with tea service- snack coffee. With 70 to 80 employees, we will expand to Gujarat, Rajasthan and now Maharashtra. > Bindia Chaubisa, Founder – Time Please Refreshment.

Switched from steel to organic
Corona was previously involved in the steel business but the trade has stagnated and turned to organic products, monthly turnover is Rs 10 lakh. Launch of a community vegetable delivery service and awareness of the green revolution through Green Santa Claus because of Christmas. > Arpit Ginoni, Founder – Nature’s Palette.

Rapid success of technological solutions
Corona has developed a technological solution that can kill 99.9% of germs. Learning German Shield technology during R&D with Yash Shah. > Param Gutka, founder-Lean Startup

Management of suspended events in the housing sector
Before the outbreak, he was involved in event management, but the trade stagnated and he started a domestic industry with 40 products, more than 100 in total. Reaches over 50,000 monthly turnover> Kalyani Shah, Madhav Housing Industry.

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