The STF must decide on the math

A senadora Eliziane Gama (Cidadania-MA), durante a sabatina de André Mendonça para o STF.A senadora Eliziane Gama (Cidadania-MA), durante a sabatina de André Mendonça para o STF.

Senator Eliziane Gama (Cidadania-MA), during the hearing of André Mendonça for the STF.
| Photo: Edilson Rodrigues/Senate Agency

The Festival of Nonsense that Ravages the Country (FEBEAPÁ) is very busy this month. If Stanislaw Ponte Preta were alive, he would realize that bullshit prospered in such a way, with international encouragement, that it would be necessary to organize a monthly edition of FEBEAPÁ. An annual FEBEAPÁ would have dictionary size; besides, the bullshit is so fleeting that we’d feel old with Alzheimer’s in December when reading about the January controversies.

This month has barely started and we are left wondering how the Norwegian Post bureaucrats will feel when they receive a letter from the City Council of Ribeirão Preto containing a motion to repudiate the commercial with the gay Santa Claus. A Novo councilor stated that “They could have used Odin, Thor, any other myth of the Norse religion. Santa Claus is no longer a Christian representation, he is a universal representation. In children’s minds, he represents the playful. […] Santa Claus is one of the few universal legends that preaches meritocracy. If you respect people, you’ll get a treat at the end of the year.” Santa Claus, Christianity, meritocracy, ok.

The commercial with the Norwegian Santa Claus giving a caliente kissing a middle-aged man was given under the guise of (or in celebration of – you name it) the fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Norway. That’s right: fifty years ago, homosexuality was a crime in the most advanced, socialist, progressive, Nordic, Aryan, rich, enlightened, beautiful, blonde Norway. Between us, it was never a crime. Homosexuality was only a crime before the Inquisition, which was not very active in Brazil. In secular law, however, there was never a problem with this. No Brazilian gay needed the State advertising with a child character to live his life.

Hence, we can imagine how the chic, the cultured, the educated people of the time did not regret the fact that this little country without a future, mutt, smelly, messy, allowed such shamelessness among men. And it’s the same kind of people who think the eroticization of a child character promoted by that bunch of crazy people who has nothing to do is great.

But leave them there. Let’s just use them as a pretext to show for the umpteenth time that Brazil doesn’t have to resent being a tropical mutt. Our culture and our values ​​are much better than we imagined.

Repeat offender03120318Beyond After sending its repudiation motion to Norway, the Chamber of Ribeirão Preto sent another to the G1, which reproduced the video when reporting the fact. The G1 journalist who, in the midst of his hunt for international seals, found the Norwegian Santa Claus must have loved it. A motion of repudiation by the Chamber of Ribeirão Preto must be seen by the noble warrior of social justice as a scar from a war wound. The sealer receives a note of repudiation and becomes a martyr of pocketnarism. The Pocketnarista, on the other hand, spends almost a year in prison for a crime of opinion, without trial, even with privileged jurisdiction. And the average journalist doesn’t see an oppression in this.

That the Ribeirão Preto Chamber kick your ass, of course, since you are on her right. But that should only be effective for one thing: throwing the spotlight on the councilor and increasing your chances of winning an election to legislative office. The sealer is happy with his bubble, flaunting the evidence of his pursuit, and the politician is happy with his right-wing bubble, flaunting his “work.” And society does not gain anything from it. No homophobic will start to sympathize with gays because of Santa Claus in Norway (quite the opposite), and no progressive will think about holding the wave because of Ribeirão Preto’s motion of repudiation (quite the opposite).

The councilor of Ribeirão Preto did not have this brilliant idea alone. He is following the tireless twitter secretary André Porciuncula, who believes that it is the Culture Secretariat’s duty to take care of the Norwegian postal service and, even worse, to say what Brazilian newspapers can publish. Taking care of the Bicentennial of Independence, which is good, nothing.

Feminist Mathematics03120318A André Mendonça’s legendary Saturday evening not only disenchanted, but also entered deep into the annals of FEBEAPÁ. We had the noble deputy Eliziane Gama, from Cidadania (ex-PPS, ex-PCB), developing her peculiar mathematics. I was going to say that it must be female math, but I thought better of it, because math is female. If men want to create a version to call their own, they will need to create a discipline – or rather a discipline – called mathematics. And the downtrodden community of non-binary people will create a discipline called mathematics. In any case, the noble deputy, who wanted to annoy the poor evangelical who is going to become a minister, used an incomprehensible statistic to sensitize that straight cis white man. He said that for every dead woman, at least two are black.

We can’t criticize, because that’s machismo.

But math is important in life. What are we going to do then? How will society live, have commerce, do accounts, considering such a proportion as possible? Will Procon act if the marketer says that for every orange, two are sweet?

In the same hearing, we learned from senator Omar Aziz that right below God is the STF. Below the STF are the other powers and the rest of society.

Classical philosophers would place mathematics in the divine sphere. But, considering that the Supreme Being is very out of fashion and that it is ugly to be religious (especially evangelical), it is convenient to let the Supreme Court decide the mathematical truths.

We hope that the PSOL, REDE, Citizenship, PSB and PT enter with an ADIN in the Supreme Court asking for the ministers resolve this grave omission of Parliament concerning mathematical truths. Hopefully we will finish this December with a new mathematics, a constitutional and feminist mathematics.

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