The STF has lost its fun: who will clean the dirt from so many pies in our face?

O STF já rendeu boas sátiras e paródias. Mas a piada, repetida semana após a semana, perdeu a graça.

The STF has already yielded good satires and parodies. But the joke, repeated week after week, lost its fun.| Photo: Reproduction


By imposing sanctions on the pardoned deputy Daniel Silveira, Alexandre de Moraes did it again. And again by annulling the President’s decrees that reduced our pornographic tax burden. And it’s possible that he’s up to it right now. Just as he is likely to get up to speed until 2043, when Brazilians will breathe a sigh of relief to see him hang the toga.

All this unbridled arrogance used to make me indignant, but it was funny. I laughed at the minister of the STF like someone who laughs at the archetypal idiot of the village. It was funny to see the minister fumble with hermeneutics and trip over the ropes of vanity with those clown shoes. Nothing more ridiculous than a little king trying to impose his will. There is nothing more pathetic than seeing a man use difficult words to satisfy an obsession more worthy of psychiatric offices than of the high courts.

I thank Minister Alexandre de Moraes and his minions for inspiring many satires and parodies. And for having a good laugh. And here’s a confession: you have no idea the absurdities I imagined and even wrote, but didn’t publish: insults that rhymed with hemlock, anecdotes that appealed to the debatable humor of grotesque puns, things like that. Sometimes I have more imagination than judgment. Good thing I have a reasonably calibrated superego and an editor who might even laugh at the manuscript, but would never let bad taste take over the world.

Pie in the face

But now I must say, if only to contradict myself tomorrow, that the joke is already losing its fun. This happens whenever the absurd becomes routine. Whenever foolish, perverse and arbitrary vanity becomes obvious. Even today, Monday, May 9, 2022, it is possible to predict, without fear of error, that when throughout the week, or at the latest until the end of the month, the STF will throw another pie in the face of society. The only question is about the filling. Who can still laugh at this?

Which reminds me of the famous scene from the soap opera “A Guerra dos Sexos” in which Paulo Autran and the now immortal Fernanda Montenegro fight a traditional food battle. I grew up listening to critics praising the scene as a great moment in Brazilian teledramaturgy. I never quite understood the fascination that the image awakens. Because all I could think about was how difficult it would be to clean the set after filming was over.

In the sullenness of a Sunday afternoon, I ask: who will clean up the mess of the war of powers that we live? And more: there is a democratic way to clear the scene of so many messes? Without wanting to sound too pessimistic, I think it’s too late: the marble of Olympus, I mean, the STF will forever be stained with the remnants of what must have been the first joke told after man was expelled from Paradise: “ have you ever heard the one about the man who wanted to be equal to God?”.

Whether there is a way out – and democratic, republican, constitutional – I don’t know. There are days I think so, there are days (today) I think not. What you can’t imagine is the court jesters swinging their boring bells there for another two decades, forcing us to laugh at another pirouette, another tumble, another pie in the king’s face.

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